Dystopian Opulence has Launched!

If you haven’t seen it yet - we launched our latest collection, Dystopian Opulence, a few weeks ago and the reaction has been huge!!

The idea for the collection started from minerals. I had done a mineral based collection, in partnership with someone, years ago. This was me revisiting what I had originally done and looking at it from a new viewpoint and using new materials and techniques. It was interesting to revisit a subject, but see it differently based on the growth I had done as an artist and a person. 

The collection, while very vast in scope and style, starts pretty straight forward and then transitions into a darker interpretation. As an artist, I am always influenced by what is happening in the world. This collection is a manifestation of all the despair, frustration, and, sadness of where the world is going along with the beauty and majesty of the Earth and what She can create.

We have created a collection that pulls from nature and twists it with colors and textures of the digital interface we use to view “nature” (our phones). Using real minerals, collage, mixed media, and computer glitches, we explore a future that looks at our relationship with technology as we move towards a more digital life and leave behind our connection to nature. 

The collection begins with beautiful minerals - created over millions of years—in interesting combinations and then progresses into a technology-driven view of nature. 

I’ve never approached my collections as “what would make good wallpaper” I have always come at it from the stance of what feeling or mood am I trying to express. It all starts with the art - I don’t worry about what the end product will be, I just create and explore. I love the part of the process where we take the best ideas and then translate them to my favorite medium - mural style installations - it always blows me away how the scale can make such a huge impact on the design and the way you experience it.

With this collection I had my entire team working on designs along with me. I set the overall theme and mood for the collection and let them explore what that meant to them. Because we all have our own strengths and weaknesses I was able to pull the strongest ideas from each person and then we shaped those into a cohesive collection. 

As part of our Rebel with a Cause initiative we will be donating a portion of sales to environmental causes, we have to start protecting the Earth and dealing with the damage we are doing. I felt like this collection, being based on minerals, was best suited for supporting this issue. 

At this time we will be donating to Sea Legacy and Natural Resources Defense Council

You can read an interview I did with California Home + Design about this collection and the Rebel with a Cause initiative. Read it here!