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As the Amazon Rainforest burns, I look out at the world and see chaos and uncertainty. I cannot sit back and do nothing. Creating an Instagram post about my outrage is not enough. I look at what I have the ability to do - which in all honesty feels completely insignificant in the grand scheme of what is happening in the world. 

I previously wrote about Rebel with a Cause, my desire to make art while making a difference and my decision to dedicate each of my wallpaper collections to a different charity, donating 50% of my personal salary to specific causes that are near and dear to my heart.

This has been a long time in the making. I love the work that I do, but I want to make more of an impact on the world. I chose the charities because the work they do is deeply important to our society. The best contribution I can make is to donate some of the proceeds from my growing business to the following organizations:

If I stand up for what I truly believe in, I am hopeful the design industry will support me. I hope to prove that if a relatively small company like Black Crow Studios can give back, larger companies can do the same and make an even bigger impact. Plus, I feel that people want to know who and what are behind the products they purchase.
I hope my efforts will inspire the design industry to do more.

Rebel with a Cause - our giving back initiative - spans across every item Black Crow Studios creates. We will be releasing Limited Edition prints to benefit each charity, and also have some new collections in development right now that will be part of the cause.

Look for future posts that will highlight each of the charities and the collection with which they will be partnered.

We have also made donations on behalf of our friends and loved ones to: 
Helping Hands for the Homeless
The Lupus Foundation
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
Alzheimer's Association

Dystopian Opulence has Launched!

If you haven’t seen it yet - we launched our latest collection, Dystopian Opulence, a few weeks ago and the reaction has been huge!!

The idea for the collection started from minerals. I had done a mineral based collection, in partnership with someone, years ago. This was me revisiting what I had originally done and looking at it from a new viewpoint and using new materials and techniques. It was interesting to revisit a subject, but see it differently based on the growth I had done as an artist and a person. 

The collection, while very vast in scope and style, starts pretty straight forward and then transitions into a darker interpretation. As an artist, I am always influenced by what is happening in the world. This collection is a manifestation of all the despair, frustration, and, sadness of where the world is going along with the beauty and majesty of the Earth and what She can create.

We have created a collection that pulls from nature and twists it with colors and textures of the digital interface we use to view “nature” (our phones). Using real minerals, collage, mixed media, and computer glitches, we explore a future that looks at our relationship with technology as we move towards a more digital life and leave behind our connection to nature. 

The collection begins with beautiful minerals - created over millions of years—in interesting combinations and then progresses into a technology-driven view of nature. 

I’ve never approached my collections as “what would make good wallpaper” I have always come at it from the stance of what feeling or mood am I trying to express. It all starts with the art - I don’t worry about what the end product will be, I just create and explore. I love the part of the process where we take the best ideas and then translate them to my favorite medium - mural style installations - it always blows me away how the scale can make such a huge impact on the design and the way you experience it.

With this collection I had my entire team working on designs along with me. I set the overall theme and mood for the collection and let them explore what that meant to them. Because we all have our own strengths and weaknesses I was able to pull the strongest ideas from each person and then we shaped those into a cohesive collection. 

As part of our Rebel with a Cause initiative we will be donating a portion of sales to environmental causes, we have to start protecting the Earth and dealing with the damage we are doing. I felt like this collection, being based on minerals, was best suited for supporting this issue. 

At this time we will be donating to Sea Legacy and Natural Resources Defense Council

You can read an interview I did with California Home + Design about this collection and the Rebel with a Cause initiative. Read it here!

Bold, New, Watercolor Art Prints

If you are familiar with our work then you have probably seen many of our watercolor murals, in magazines, online, instagram. If you are not familiar then please check out our installations page to see some incredible wall covering we have done for our clients over the years. The watercolor series was THE idea that made me start this company. I just knew it would be incredible, nothing like it existed at all at the time and I just knew it was a cool idea people would get as excited about as I did. What I envisioned in my mind is nowhere near as badass as the work we actually produce. It took awhile to really perfect the way we create the artwork and the way we reproduce it, but I think we have the best process in the industry. Being an artist, a textile designer, and a printing company (we do all our own printing in house) really gave me insight into all aspects to develop a great process all around. On top of that we are always adding new designs to the watercolor series. That is a way for us to show what is exciting to us, design and art wise, and the artistic direction, we as a studio, are headed in. It’s fun to refresh what is on our site and add new pieces, change it up, see what people are drawn to.

I think that is why that series has continued to be so popular. That it is always changing, developing, and growing and the artwork we have is so vast it allows us to really create a unique design for all our clients. What is on our website is just a small fraction of the work we have and the 1000’s of ways it can be used. 

Way back in the day, before we had created all this artwork, clients would send us their paint colors and fabric swatches and we would paint brand new pieces based entirely for those projects. That is what lead to the large archive of artwork we have. That doesn’t happen much anymore since we have such a large selection at this point. (We can still do that, if and when needed.) Now we just create with no rules, direction, or guidelines to follow. We can live in a creative moment and see where it takes us and pull from that what feels fresh and exciting.

With that being said, we have recently added a lot of new pieces to the website, not only in our watercolor galleries, but we revamped our canvas shop and our fine art shop with all new pieces.

The canvases are gorgeous and one of my favorite ways to add color and texture if you can’t do a full mural. You can find our canvas prints here. On top of that, I am really loving the saturated and bold new fine art prints that we are printing on high gloss premium photo paper. Check those out over here.

And if you just want to cruise through the artwork on the site start here and then explore from there.

Here are a couple recent custom mural wall covering install images from our amazing clients, who take our artistic vision and implement it into their projects in the most jaw dropping ways. We look good because of you guys!

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design 

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design 

Workflow Interiors

Workflow Interiors

House of Honey - Teamorrow

House of Honey - Teamorrow