I’ve often struggled with the impact I make in the world. I work in a luxury industry that can, at times, feel very superficial - especially when I see so many people struggling just to pay their bills. When people are fleeing their homes to come to the US for safety, wallpaper design feels so insignificant in the greater scheme of things.

In 2017, I started working with the Caliber Foundation, a charity which funds gun buyback programs across the country, by donating 20% of the sales of my Caliber Wallpaper Collection and Art Prints to help get illegal guns off the street. It was liberating to discover I could make murals and fine art in a way that had a real impact, by contributing to a charity with a mission I truly believe in.

In 2019, I feel the strong urge to do even more.  I feel pulled to become a Rebel with a Cause.  Rebel with a Cause represents a new way for me to continue making art while also making a difference.  By dedicating each of my wallpaper collections to a different charity and donating up to 50% of my personal income from each sale, I feel that not only can I make a difference to the charities that I support, but also serve as an example to our industry encouraging others to take a stand for causes that matter to them.

Please look for our upcoming announcements describing the marriage among our existing collections, original limited edition prints, and causes that empower women, help the homeless, educate kids, aid immigrants, rescue animals, save the planet and offer hope to the addicted.  I hope you will join me on this journey of giving back, making a difference, and creating not just a beautiful world but one that we can also be proud of.